Win The Morning

Dec 01, 2017

The radio on my alarm clock blasted at 2:00am.  This was by no-means my normal wake-up time through junior year of college, but today was an exciting day.  I would be joining fellow staff of the intertidal research lab on a trip out into the field!  We had to be at the data collection site throughout low tide – starting work by 4:00am.

While I started the morning dragging my feet, I continued through my normal morning routine, and by the time we pulled into the parking lot at the site, I was charged up.  After using the lights of the van to pull on our foul weather gear and load up the back-packing and research equipment, we turned on our headlamps and started to hike down the trail.  We eventually reached a steep cliff and the team demonstrated how to repel down the ropes to the research site.

We spent that morning in thick mist and salt spray, working hard to collect impressive amounts of data on marine snails, mussels, and larval animals recruiting to the rocks.  We watched the sunrise over the ocean and saw sea otters frolicking in nearby waves.  The tide was creeping in as we wrapped up our research by 10:00am.  We hiked back to the van and drove to the lab to clean the gear and begin processing the data.  The clocked struck noon as I left work that day – amazed by how much we had accomplished by lunchtime.  


The Day Begins

When do you feel like your day has officially started?  For many, their day doesn’t start until they begin work or drink that third cup of coffee.  For others, they don’t really feel awake and ready to charge ahead, until they realize the work day is mostly through.

High performers know that if you want to win the day – you must first win the morning!  They are fully aware that high levels of intention and determination in the morning create momentum and success the rest of the day.


Win the Morning

Strategy #1: Prep Your Body

For many people, the extent of getting their body prepped for the day involves stopping by a coffee shop.  They have become reliant on caffeine to get their body jump-started each morning.  While there can be nutritional benefits of drinking coffee, there are longer-lasting and stimulant-free ways to get your body ready and energized for the day.

Hydration first thing in the morning is essential - your body just went hours without any water.  Before you grab that tea or coffee, drink about 20 ounces of water.  Next is movement – your body has been dormant for hours, so wake it up with some light stretching, yoga, or a brisk walk.  If you are really feeling sluggish, consider a full morning workout or just put on some good music and dance around the kitchen.  Also ensure you get your metabolism started with a healthy, hearty breakfast (bonus points if your meal has vegetables).

Yes, this routine will take a little longer than the coffee shop drive-thru, but your body will thank you the rest of the day.   


Strategy #2: Prep Your Mind

Many people go through the day in a mindless fog, because they never put in the time to transition their brain from groggy-sleep mode to ready-to-make-things happen mode.  Or their entire morning is spent obsessing and dwelling on all the concerns and worries of the coming day that their mind is mentally drained before the day really begins.

Make it a priority to mentally wake up and prepare for the day.  Try a gratitude journal or mediation.  Listen to inspiring music or podcast.  Consider what you can be excited about or who you can surprise.  Ponder your dreams and ambitions before reviewing your plans and priorities.  This will get your mind ready to charge ahead and conquer the day.


Strategy #3: Prep Your Spirit

Few people start their day pondering the person that they desire to be in the world.  They know their job title and what is expected of them in their daily roles, but don’t take the time to really think beyond their responsibilities to how they can grow and contribute at a higher level.

Start each day answering thought provoking questions.  How would your highest self show up at work today?  How can you be more present and patient with your loved ones?  How can you be a better role model for those you are trying to serve?  What can you learn from your struggles of yesterday that can make you a better version of yourself today?

Answering these types of questions will start your day fully aligned and congruent with the best of who you are.


Start Your Day

Start your day fueled and energized.

Start your day with a mindset of dreams and ambitions.

Start your day aligning with the best of who you are.

As a change-maker the world needs you on your a-game, which starts first thing in the morning.  Know that owning your first few hours, sets your entire day on the path to success.

It is through winning your morning and taking back your day that you Master Your Time, which will set you up to give and live at your full potential.  For only when you prepare to conquer the day will you “Master Your THRIVE.”*



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Betsy Davidson helps changemakers give and live at their full potential to accelerate their impact in the world. She is a world-class, Certified Health and High Performance Coach, speaker, and trainer, bridging the worlds of human and impact potential. 

As a lifelong advocate of environmental and humanitarian efforts, Betsy believes that transforming the world starts with each individual. She founded her signature framework Master Your THRIVE® to support purpose-driven people and organizations in mastering their Time, Health, Relationships, Intentions, Voice, and Energy.

Betsy has been featured in podcasts such as Divas That Care, The Road Ahead, and Power House, as well as appeared as a guest expert for Connect.Work.Thrive and Professional Women’s Network.

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