Eat Healthy When Traveling

Nov 10, 2017

In September of 2017, I was attending my sixth seminar of the year.  Historically, travelling to these events would wreak havoc on my body from the elevated stress levels, offset sleep schedule, to the uncertainty of being able to eat within my dietary preferences.  But this time, I was prepared. 

As one of my event roommates was getting ready in the morning, she expressed concern that she might not have eaten enough breakfast to sustain her until our lunch break.  I smiled and walked over to open a dresser drawer.  “What would you like?” I asked her.

With shock on her face, she peered into my drawer overflowing with healthy snacks.  I had dried coconut flakes, trail mix, goji berries, apples, gluten-free granola bars, and more.  She laughed asking, “Did you buy all of this during your trip to the store?”

“Oh no,” I replied, “These filled half of my suitcase.  The food I bought at the grocery store is in the mini fridge that I had the hotel staff bring up to the room!”


Healthy Eating Habits

I often hear people discuss the difficulties of traveling, while maintaining healthy eating habits.  They seem to use traveling as a justification to abandon their health.  They argue that they are at the mercy of convenience and dependent on the circumstances they find themselves in.

While there are some limitations (location, duration, etc.) and a desire to experience local flavors, at some point you must commit to your wellbeing.  Whether at home or on the road, you must take ownership of your health and realize that it is with optimal stamina that you are able to serve at your highest level.


Eat Healthy When Traveling

Strategy #1: Research Restaurants

We live in a day and age where most restaurants publish their menu for us to access at the click of a button.  Within a few moments on your electronic device, you can discover the menu, price, dietary considerations, and distance to the majority of restaurants. 

If you have a trip coming up, spend some time researching nearby restaurants ahead of time.  Review their menus and see if they have options that match your dietary preferences.  Select several possibilities and have an idea of healthy choices you can later order. 


Strategy #2: Visit Store

Sometimes eating out at restaurants for every meal can take a toll on your body.  The portion sizes can be unrealistic, and the environment is designed to encourage you to eat more.  Unless you know that the food is organic and locally sourced, it can be tricky to know how many fats, hormones, chemicals, or other additives are in the food.

Plan a visit to a grocery store towards the beginning of your visit, to stock up on some healthy items that can keep you satiated for several meals.  It is ideal if you can refrigerate the food for meals throughout your stay, but even without a fridge you can select healthy, convenient meal options.


Strategy #3: Pack Snacks

It is often the time in between meals when the convenience of a visit to the coffee shop or that quick bag of chips is most tempting.  If you know it will be several hours until your next break or meal, it is important to have healthy options available.

While on the road, ensure you carry healthy snacks with you everywhere you go.  That way when the cravings hit, you are ready!


Strategy #4: Get Creative

In many cultures, it is customary to eat certain foods for specific meals, such as eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast in the United States.

Traveling is the opportune time to consider an unusual idea for your meals.  Use the hotel room coffee pot to heat water for oatmeal.  Try eating a salad or leftovers for breakfast.  Combine a few separate snacks like a rice cake with almond butter and banana.  Give your body the nutrients it needs by getting creative.


Nourish Your Body

A mission is only as good as the people behind it.  As a change-maker, you have a responsibility to contribute to the best of your ability, which requires a deep-rooted intention and commitment to give your body the fuel it needs.

Nourish your body for the stamina to serve greatly.

Nourish your body to sustain the mission.

Nourish your body to live a legacy.

It is through planning ahead and prioritizing your nourishment that you Master Your Health, which will invigorate your ability to give and live at your full potential.  For only with true stamina and vitality will you be able to “Master Your THRIVE.”*




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Betsy Davidson helps changemakers give and live at their full potential to accelerate their impact in the world. She is a world-class, Certified Health and High Performance Coach, speaker, and trainer, bridging the worlds of human and impact potential. 

As a lifelong advocate of environmental and humanitarian efforts, Betsy believes that transforming the world starts with each individual. She founded her signature framework Master Your THRIVE® to support purpose-driven people and organizations in mastering their Time, Health, Relationships, Intentions, Voice, and Energy.

Betsy has been featured in podcasts such as Divas That Care, The Road Ahead, and Power House, as well as appeared as a guest expert for Connect.Work.Thrive and Professional Women’s Network.

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